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Anti Aging Products and Advice to Look Younger

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Get That Donald Trump Look with this Makeup Tutorial

Our thoughts about applying makeup for that 'over 50' look has changed once F-Comedy uploaded this makeup tutorial on YouTube

So here is the Donald Trump makeup tutorial that really took the internet by storm as given by comedian Tess Para.

Are you looking for our recommendation for which products to use?

We're going with Cheetos! Available at any store near you.

Next: We're looking for the Hillary Clinton version.

You can see other Makeup Videos here

Anti Aging Products and Advice to Feel Youthful

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Start Today with These 2 Steps To Feel Youthful

10 benefits of exercise

10 Best Benefits of Exercise

Sure you can lose weight, look better, have more energy. But there are more benefits to exercising.

I'm sure you'll find at least 12 good arguments to begin a program after you read our 10 Best Reasons to Exercise

Spa and Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week JusByJulie

Anti Aging Products and Advice for Healthier Living

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Yvette Suzanne M.A. Certified Wellness and Health Coach

Yvette Suzanne Creates Healthy Living Tips Blog at

Yvette covers 12 areas of Healthy Living, and she's going to be sharing some of that knowledge with you.

You can even send Yvette comments on what you'd like to learn about on this website and stay healthy.

Read more about Yvette here...

Are You Worried About Maltodextrin In Your Food?

Is Maltodextrin Good For You? Check out this easy to understand article.

Can we train our Brain to make better choices? Yvette gives us the 5 minute scoop

What is a "Natural" or "Organic" Ingredient? 

Did you know there were so many qualifications? Check out these..

Cardio Workout while reading a Book

About $30 can buy this pedal exerciser that you set in front of your chair and pedal like a bicycle. You can place it on a table and exercise your upper body.

Anti Aging Products & Advice

Not Twenty Anymore? Read these helpful Makeup Tips for over 40.. and 50, then add yours!

Read Makeup Tip Article...

Welcome to!

What started as a group of Casino & Entertainment friends in the fabulous city of Las Vegas Nevada sharing anti aging products & tips to look younger (thereby keeping our jobs) has taken off into something special.

We've created our own anti aging products, got professional advice, looked for product lines that really got results, and shared best practices with our customers.

Now, has become a community online magazine.

We hope you find terrific beauty products with anti aging properties, skincare and fashion recommendations, reviews on nail & hair salons, spas, and tips from those in the industry on issues of healthy living.

Oh yes, throughout this magazine and on several anti-aging joke & humor pages, we've placed all the funny items you've sent us. Why?

Because on some days working at looking this good and being this healthy really takes a sense of humor.

We hope you check us out and subscribe to our newsletter.

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We Have To Grow Older, HOW We Get There Is Entirely Up To Us

We made our line of AgelessFx, simply the Most Effective Anti-Aging Products and we take that seriously. But we don't take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short not to enjoy it. So we've added a few extra pages to our website. We hope you get a laugh and will add a few jokes and one-liners of your own to share with us
After all, they do say that "Laughter is the best Medicine", so take a good dose for your anti-aging benefit

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