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Our Recommended Reading for a Healthy, Longer Life

Here are our choices for Anti Aging Magazines that provide information, advice, tips, and suggestions to improve our lives as we live longer.

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Life Extension

1 Year, 14 issues - Do you want the latest news and research on new health and medical findings? Life Extension Magazine features regular 'insider' reports on pioneering research, disease prevention, and anti-aging medicine. 

Consumer Reports On Health

1 Year, 12 issues - We trust Consumer reports for buying advice on many things. And now Consumer Reports On Health provides 100% unbiased, trustworthy health advice. It also offers the latest recommendations and honest evaluations about nutrition, medicine, remedies, prevention and more.

Skincare & Cosmetic Magazines


1 Year, 11 issues - Whatever your body type o rbank account, Redbook Magazine is America's only reality-based fashion and beauty magazine. Do you want to look better?  They bring you the smartest beauty buys, anti-aging breakthroughs and flattery tricks. Do you want to feel good? They make fitness easy and healthy eating delicious. And for a good deal, they scour the market for fashion, accessories and decor priced right

Organic Spa

1 Year, 7 issues - Live a more sustainable and balanced life at home, work play or at  rest.  Organic Spa Magazine is about bringing the spa home. The magazine provides information on natural and organic products, services, fashion and design to complement and enhance your daily health and quality of life.

Diabetes Magazines

Diabetes Forecast

Diabetes Forecast Magazine reports the latest and best information on diabetes research and treatment, and practical tips on day-to-day living with diabetes. Each full-color issue is filled with helpful hints on eating well, beating stress, staying active, getting support, and finding great diabetes care. 

Diabetes Self-Management

1 Year, 6 issues - Diabetes Self-Management Magazine, now including Diabetic Cooking, with 40 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes in every issue, provides practical information that focuses on nutrition and diet, exercise and fitness, and strategies to help you take control of your diabetes and live a happier, healthier life! 

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