Just What is a Natural Anti Aging Supplement?

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Can their really be an all Natural Anti Aging Supplement or Organic Vitamin?

Why do we simply say... "Based in Nature, Enhanced through Technology to be safe, fast and effective."

Many Skin care and nutricutical companies claim to be "100% organic or natural". Really? Imagine a banana or cucumber left in your cupboard for a month... now that's 100% natural! (Yuck!) We've always been completely upfront with you.

We've begun to list exactly how much is organic and natural. And for the rest of our products, here are a few examples of why we choose the ingredients when we do... just so you have the idea of what we're thinking...

Our Definition Explained: Natural and Organic


Organic is the most natural of products. They use no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides during cultivation. Our manufacturing facility is certified organic and we are increasing our selection of organic ingredients for our Natural Anti Aging Supplements and Skincare line.


Most of our products are derived from natural ingredients not synthetic. It is the main reason why we sell our products over the internet and through selected salons. We cannot offer our high quality products through the mass market, and we won't take shortcuts to do it.

Whenever a natural or organic product needs to be enhanced for shelf life purposes, to slow oxidation, or to make them absorb into the body better, we use safe technology to keep our products fast and effective.

All batches of products are tested for purity and microbial contamination. "Nothing is made on the kitchen table here!" Feel confident that you're receiving the highest quality anti aging supplement or skincare product.

Hydrogenated fats and trans fats:

These chemically altered fats have been shown to be unhealthy and contribute to obesity. None of our products are formulated with either of these fats.

Artificial Colors:

Since we don't use artificial colors in our products we will use natural ingredients such as annatto, beet and carob. It may cause a slight color difference when comparing batches. But, unlike those synthetic colors, ours contain no toxins.


There are two forms of this antioxidant enzyme. One is a naturally produced trans CoQ10 which is found in your body. The other is a synthetic cheaper form which is chemically different. We only use the natural and clinically proven one.

D-Amino Acids:

We only use the natural or L form. We do not use the mass produced cheaper synthetic D or DL form.

And how we Choose Clinically Proven Over Cheaper Ingredients...

Natural Vitamin E: Synthetic Vitamin E is chemically different than the natural family of vitamin E. We use the four tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols in the natural form.

Bovine Chondroitin: Clinical studies showing efficacy for joint support is based on bovine Chondroitin (from cow). But the market is saturated with the cheaper and unproven Porcine form which comes from pig and chicken sources. Now guess which one we use?

And in case you were wondering, we never test on animals. We don't have to, we have Mikey. (Just kidding, everyone knows Mikey ate pop rocks and soda!)

We use good common sense in formulating our AgelessFx line of anti aging supplements, vitamins and skincare products. Remember.. we had to do it!

Now you know why we say: "Based in Nature, Enhanced through Technology to be safe, fast and effective."

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