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We chose botanically rich, organic and natural hair products to help us restore our hair for that showgirl look. After all, a lot of pictures are snapped up in Las Vegas! Besides skincare, your hair is extremely important to your anti aging program since it frames your face. It not only compliments the shade and shape of your face, but from behind makes you instantly recognizable. Many times, it's what we spend the most time on during our daily beauty routines.

A few Quick Tips About Your Hair

See a hairdresser to get a fresh idea on coloring and shaping your hair. It's perfectly alright to bring along some pictures that you like, but leave yourself open to new ideas. The right color and hair style, can make an immediate impact on your 'suspected' age.

Cut your hair every 4-6 weeks to avoid damage to the ends. A head full of damaged, dry and split ends is not a pretty sight no matter what age.

Towel dry your hair, stop blow drying (except when they are yelling '30 seconds' to get onstage.)

Wear a hat. Hair burns, just like your skin. Protect it well. Get stylish! Choose a three inch brim in the summer, but reduce sun exposure. Guys, that means you too.

From time to time slip in a diet supplement for nourishing your hair

Use shampoos and conditioners and add moisture and body to your hair. They need to be a mix of mild cleansers and lightweight moisturizers. They should not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a sudsing agent that can cause hair and scalp dryness.
And here are all the best ingredients in an organic and natural shampoo and conditioner formulated for any type of hair...

RestoreFx Shampoo

At 97% natural and 71% organic, it's Gentle and botanically rich natural hair product.Can be used daily and is wonderful for color treated or chemically processed hair. Increases shine, smoothness and makes hair more manageable. Natural oils and herbs pamper and nourish hair and scalp

SilkyFx Conditioner

Treat your hair to the silky elegance of our organic conditioning formula. It's 99% natural and 72% organic.

Gently restores shine, body, and texture to hair, and creates luxurious manageability for all day "great hair". We have combined soluble protein blends, organic aloe vera, and many other proprietary ingredient concentrates to provide you with a truly refined hair conditioning experience. Shouldn't your hair have the best anti aging product available, too?

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