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Why We Needed Anti-Aging Products in Las Vegas, Nevada

About us

Las Vegas, one of the busiest tourist destinations on earth. It brings to mind beautiful women, showgirls, entertainers, and tens of thousands of in-your-face customer service workers

Although beautiful, each one is living in one of the harshest environments in the United States

Windy, hot, dry desert climate on the outside. Cold, air conditioned, smokey conditions on the inside. And a fast paced lifestyle, 24/7, with little room left for a good night's sleep

And looks are everything - here, you can easily be replaced by someone looking better, younger, more active

If there is no fountain of youth, how do we slow down the signs of aging?

The Amazing Truth we learned about skincare

What to choose? What worked? What were each of us using? Maybe this wasn't your typical breakroom fodder, but it became ours. Then we discovered that 3 Corporations own 68 skincare companies.

If those products really worked, why would they need 68 different companies?

With so many products, it's no wonder we couldn't find what worked. How could we ever test them all?What were the best products? And... why were they filling those bottles with ingredients that we found weren't good for you!

We Needed an Antiaging Solution and We Needed It Now

This is where I come in.

Moving Information From Our Breakrooms to Online

We wanted to share successful products and our secrets of antiaging with you. If you are over age 30, we have what you've been looking for. Fantastic skincare products that will turn back the hands of time for you.

And we've learned that Anti-Aging is more than just products. Learning how to take care of ourselves is the key to energetic healthier living. We asked our doctors, dermatologists and professors for advice.

And my job is to help share this information with you, Online. Sprinkled with a bit of growing old sarcastic humor. After all, this did start in our breakroom!

Share your Anti Aging routine with us

Continue reading throughout this online magazine of Anti-Aging Products & Advice. Send us your beauty routine or just send me a note by using our Contact Form. We'd like to hear from you!

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