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There are thousands videos of makeup tutorials around the web. Harder to find are those makeup tips for those of us over age 40. We've placed some of them here for you. Do you have a recommended video, favorite blogger, or expert? Let us know by sending in your suggestion here.

Get That Donald Trump Look with this Makeup Tutorial

Our thoughts about applying makeup for that 'over 50' look has changed once F-Comedy uploaded this makeup tutorial on YouTube

So here is the Donald Trump makeup tutorial that really took the internet by storm as given by comedian Tess Para.

As for our recommendation for which products to use?

We're going with Cheetos! Available at any store near you.

Next: We're looking for the Hillary Clinton version.

How To Look Younger With Makeup (for over age 40)

At almost 20 minutes long you may want to grab a cup of coffee while watching this one. Did I say coffee, maybe a large glass of refreshingly clean & clear water for those anti-aging benefits.

Watch this transformation by Rebecca or 'Frugie' as she's known from frugalistablog where you can find more of her tips on YouTube.

Bobbi Brown Shows You How To Take Off Years From Your Face In 5 Minutes With Katie Courick

Legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown shows a few quick tips to remove the years from your face as used on her runway models.

You're sure to pick up something new here.

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