The Biggest Factor to being Healthier

by Yvette Suzanne
(Cleveland, OH)

Being Human: We Are Made To Be Social

Being Human: We Are Made To Be Social

The biggest factor to being healthier is the quality and consistency of our social life. sure helps when there is a purpose behind some of that socializing.

"Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success." ---- Paul J. Meyer: founder of Success Motivation Institute.

I know, some of you may have just thought,

"But I don't feel like being all that social right now. I am so inundated at work all day long that when I get home I need some quiet time, and anyway, I don't feel that good in my clothes because I ate all the wrong stuff all day because I am always in cardiac arrest and strapped for time, so after all that I don't want to meet new people."

I do get that. We are drained by the constant technology feed and the constant heart attack of --- Everything has to be done NOW! --- or we are all going to implode!

Where's the time to focus and concentrate on ourselves? Where's the time to be mindful about what is going in our mouths? --- Let alone finding the presence of mind to be truly connected and helpful to another human being...

What if I said to you...What if you could earn a living being in presence of mind?

Being social and socializing with your favorite people?
Socializing with those favorite people with a purpose behind it?
Socializing with like minded people who are doing their best to focus on their health, and supporting you to do the same? What if?

Would it behoove you to consider that lifestyle?

What do you really want? Is it freedom that you really want? Free to do and be when you want to do and be? Would you feel healthier and more energetic if you could stop the cardiac arrest and enjoy your moments with people helping them get what they "really" want?

This is what I do everyday. Is is perfect? No. Am I in cardiac arrest nonstop? NO WAY! Am I socializing with a purpose behind it everyday and getting healthier everyday? Yes!

The journey is simple. We are all on it! And the journey is to serve and be social and also socialize with a purpose behind it.

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