If You Are Starving Your Mind-Body Connection, You Just Get More Hungry

by Yvette Suzanne
(Cleveland, OH)

How Many of Us Take This Funny Approach to Healthy Living?

How Many of Us Take This Funny Approach to Healthy Living?

It's The First Muscle You Work Before Starting Any Plan.

I am never left hungry when I have spent any time listening to Deepak Chopra, one of my favorite motivators.

After spending a little time today with Dr. Chopra's words about our habit of overeating and under nourishing ourselves, I had to think more about how and why we do that. I know for sure it’s items like pizza, muffins, soda, and too much pasta... but how did we get ourselves stuck in that predicament?

We’re busy aren’t we? Too busy. We are constantly doing. No time for awareness.

The first goal to overcoming our “too busyness” is to become more mindful, more aware. Self awareness helps us get out of the unconscious or automatic pilot state to which we attribute so much of our unbalance.

Let’s put some steps in motion to interrupt our unconsciousness and become more awake and aware.

A Vicious Eating-Sleeping Circle

One of the cycles we fall into is not getting quality sleep, which causes us to want to eat and drink the foods at the worst times. Then because we are eating and drinking the wrong foods at the wrong times we cannot get quality sleep.

Create A Natural Rythem

Dr. Chopra tells us to create a natural rhythm for ourselves – a sleep pattern to heal our minds and bodies.

How can this be done?

We simply go to bed and wake up at the same times everyday. Remember when your parents wanted you in bed at the same time every night? There was more to that than them just wanting their own quiet time.

The second part of this is to get out of bed as soon as we awaken. Over time our bodies learn what we are setting up, and the body and mind begin to be rejuvenated and aligned.

Reduce Your Stress

Chronic stress needs to be reduced. How can we do this? We can simply meditate daily. Over time the mind and body begin to get what we are doing to become balanced. We can also spend time outdoors and listen to nature. The symphony that is going on in nature is healing in and of itself.

Become More Aware

We need to get out of our automatic pilot mode. We must move ourselves from unconsciousness to awareness. How do we do this? We become more aware by simply asking ourselves questions. Why am I eating this? Why I am watching TV at 10:00 at night? Why am I on my computer or social media at 11:00 at night? What is causing me to blur out and act impulsively? The identification process can help us to make more positive decisions that can create new habits and cover up the old ones.

Working Our Muscle

Our minds are considered our strongest muscle. If we want change, we will have to change our minds. As we expand and grow our minds, becoming more awake, aware, and nonresistant, we are better equipped to create new strategies for our lives, make better choices, and get to those new heathier habits.

Do you want to be starving and in a frantic state all the time, never getting any good sleep or do you want to be not exactly stuffed but not exactly starving either?

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