Do You Persevere or Do You Persist?

by Yvette Suzanne
(Cleveland, OH)

Do you have perseverate habits or persistent habits?

Have you ever even considered it?

When we are spinning and spinning in our thoughts and trying harder and harder but not getting the results we want, we are enveloped in perseverate habits.

What we actually want to do is focus on our persistent habits -- the ones that are creating forward movement. Even if what we are thinking and doing is creating success at a slower rate than we would like, the key is that we are moving closer to our targets or goals. Keep this in mind next time you are assessing your progress.

If you have fallen in a rut rather than making progress, you are not in a good habit of persistence you are in a perseverate cycle.

To read more about and learn how to turn the perseverate cycle around, you can read more at:!quick-ew-info/c1gf0

Written by: Yvette Suzanne - Leading the Way to Effortless Wellness Everyday!

Editor notes: Sometimes we walk a thin line between healthy and unhealthy habits that border on medical conditions. Here is what the dictionary describes Perseverate:

"If you had a habit of continuing to wave goodbye long after your friend had left, you could say that you tend to perseverate, or repeat a gesture even after it's no longer appropriate or necessary.

Most people who perseverate suffer from a brain injury, disorder, or illness, and the word is most often used as a medical term. It's almost as if someone who perseverates gets stuck on a word or gesture and can't stop repeating it.

Perseverate contains the word "persevere," to continue determinedly, and perseverare, the Latin root, means "to persist." When you persist with clear intentions, you persevere, but when those intentions are lost and only the persistence remains, you perseverate."

Editor: Knowing that difference, is what separates success from experiencing prolonged stress.

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