Do You Have Any Of The 5 Common Fears?

by Yvette Suzanne

Do You Have These Fears, Too?

Do You Have These Fears, Too?

What's Fear Got To do With It?

It seems Dr. Karl Albrecht's 5 Common Human Fears are all the rage for the moment. So what about this thing called fear?

What if we could just learn to get past it? Well...we can if it is for a reasonable and productive purpose.

What if were we let go of all this fear and become the sustainable healthy and well BEING we were meant to be!

Let's look:

1. Death - What if I no longer exist? If you make a commitment to get healthier, will that really cause you to die sooner? And...what if you do die? There isn't anything you can do about that anyway.

2. Physical Pain - What if it hurts? Ouch! What physical pain will making a commitment to be well cause you? Soar muscles? Is that really physical pain? Like pain so bad you cannot tolerate it... it more like hurt so good? What is someone going to make you cry? Is this your first time at crying? Na, of course not. How about we just cry and get on with things.

3. Losing Control - What if you could let go of control so you would never have to lose it? Once we make a commitment, control falls away because now we are just following our purpose. We are no longer trying to control anyone or anything, we are simply being; being our commitment; being our purpose.

4. Separation - What if your value did not depend on what someone else thinks of you? Once we let go of the attachments we were raised with we no longer need someone's approval of what we want to do or who we want to be. Be/do what you will with no attachment to the outcome.

5. Death of Your Identity - What if you knew who you were no matter what happened around you? This is part of releasing attachment. Our true identity comes from within so whatever is our perception of lost identity, is only an identity someone gave us or one we subscribed to. Our true identity is never lost.

The way we deal with fear is based on choice. So let's make some choices...

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