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Welcome. Thanks for signing up for our program.

What a great time to be an anti-aging affiliate. You've probably seen new products and new terminology spring up all over during the past 3 years. And why not? As our population ages, we want to look younger, feel more youthful, get some of our energy back!

Did you know that every day 10,000 more people in the U.S. turn age 50? How many can you market to each day?

And that is where you come in. Helping those of us regain part of our youth. We build confidence. We improve appearance. We make your friends feel better about themselves. You do this by marketing natural and organic based anti aging products with enough technology added to be safe, fast and effective.

Adding our line of antiaging merchandise to your website, blog or e-mail campaign shows your customer that you understand them, you have what they are looking for, and you care enough to recommend the very best.

Why Super Affiliate, and not just "affiliate"?

It takes some work up front to get a great connection with your customers and start the commission checks flowing. Let's see,

  1. There's banner placement
  2. Brand mentions with a link
  3. Product reviews with link
  4. Website content building
  5. Article publishing
  6. e-mail generation
  7. Newsletter publishing
  8. PR Releases, blog mentions, forum posts, etc; etc.

My point is, affiliates do more than just stick up an ad and wait. So their affiliate program should reflect and support them. And we do.

AgelessFx online sales are driven by our affiliate program. You are important

On average, we were told to expect affiliate programs to generate 20% of our revenue. As a former affiliate, I can tell you that it seemed that I also only got 20% of the support I needed. So I did something different. I planned the affiliate program BEFORE I did the marketing strategy budget for the company. That way, our main sales driver would be our affiliates

Now, I've got to put my money where my mouth is. Affiliates need to drive 80% of our online business. So I am very, very flexible in working with you. And I think we've put together a great program for you

For starters, we convert well. Some affiliates are getting 6% sales results. (It's all in the preselling of your customers) And our average customer is spending over $80 - and that is a bigger check for you as well.

Regular commissions start at 25%. Sale items may drop as low as 15% but overall, you can expect 25% or more. Because as your sales increase, so does your commission level. AND, watch for our special events where you may earn up to 40% commission for the work you do

First and last click shares the commission. How much I hated driving traffic to a site only to find out that someone else was getting my commission because they got first click. Or, someone else closed a sale that I originally sent over and "warmed up" the customer. Not here, first click gets 20% of the commission - even if the first sales closes 3 years later! The last click gets 80% of the commission due for closing the sale. Do both and grab all the commission, today.

One program for all your anti-aging needs. If your customer demographics is the "over age 30 crowd", then this is the program you want to add. With just one program, you get an effective skincare (beauty) merchandise line now, and a vitamin and supplement line in the fall of 2012. We'll turn over our energy supplements to our online program by the end of the year.

Easy to use. We have few rules, unlike bigger corporations. Use your creativity and keep our communication lines open. E-mail us at and approval is usually within minutes

Recurring checks. Oh yes, do the work now, and those customers become lifelong paying commissions. Just stay active in your account, and we'll even pay on the reorders.

Order your own products to review and create content for your customers. Add photos, links, articles, videos, e-mail campaigns and press releases

Use the online advertising that best serves your needs

Place flyers, business cards, and door hangers for offline promotions

Get repeat commissions

May I suggest that you log into your Super Affiliate Dashboard and click on the "Resources" link. There you will find helpful guides and free e-books to motivate you and give you different ideas.

The "program" box will steer you to text links and ads.

Don't forget, send me a note on anything you need.

Good Selling,


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