Affiliate Resource Page for AgelessFx Super Affiliate Program

Welcome to your affiliate resource page.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or an old pro looking for new ideas and help in improving your website, blog or e-mail earnings, this page is for you.

When we decided to begin selling AgelessFx products online we searched for a website provider that allowed us to have the tools to do it ourselves. What we really needed was information to teach us what to do.

Since that job feel to me, I found jewels of wisdom and time saving ideas (although I'd question if doing it right is really time saving). But, I did get great e-books to help us rank higher in search engines, and present our products for our customers to find.

Because we decided to use affiliates to grow our online sales (local reps have been taking local orders), I have included some of those helpful books here for you. Although it refers to using the Solo Build It SiteBuilder program, you may use it in any format you wish.

Side-note: There are many links throughout the books that will take you to Solo Build It's site. Who knows, you may find something else you like there as well.

So, here to help you improve your knowledge of affiliate marketing, are some suggested reading for you.

Free Affiliate Masters Course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion

Write to Sell with the Free Netwriting Masters Course

Effective Promotion Strategies for Affiliate Marketers

Adding Google Adsense for effective promotion strategies

Want to write for better conversions? Try these e-books

Make Your Content PreSell

Make Your Words Sell

Make Your Price Sell

Make Your Knowledge Sell

Make Your Website / Blog Sell

Pick and choose or read them all. The most important point to remember is.... GET STARTED

Because sometime we wait to start until we think everything is perfect. Perfect just doesn't happen, everything evolves. So get started today, you'll be glad you did.

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