3 sisters who had lived together for a number of years


Their ages were 92, 94 and 97. One night, the 97-year-old drew her bath, got half-way in and then stopped. Finally she yelled out, “Was I getting in or was I getting out?”

The 94-year-old downstairs hollered up, “Wait a minute and I’ll come up and help.” So, she left the kitchen and started up the stairs. Half way up, she stopped and just stood there for a moment and then hollered out, “Was I going up or coming down?”
The youngest sister – the 92-year-old was sitting in the kitchen having some tea, listening to her sisters – one stuck in the tub and one stuck on the stairs; with a smirk on her face she just shook her head and said, “Those sisters of mine – I hope I never get as bad off with memory as they are . . . knock on wood for good luck.”
Then she yelled out, “Now just wait a minute and I’ll come up and help you both out, as soon as I find out who’s at the front door.”
That’s where we’re all heading . . . every day a little closer.

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